Duke University recently published a study on social media that forecasts an investment increase of 25% in social media campaigns within the next five years.The previous years of investment on social media has been proven effective when it comes to raise brand awareness, leads generation and target engagement, especially when associated with content marketing. But even with notable results companies argue they have not been able to calculate the precise ROI in their social media campaigns, especially in the B2B segment.

SM specialists throughout a heuristic method have been able to map the road so far generating efficient strategies. SM is an equivalent society in the connected digital world and it is constantly evolving and changing without prior notice. Therefore, experimenting and documenting is a must when it comes to planning effective future social media strategies.

Social Media campaigns are based on archetypes, behaviors and interests. Here lies the biggest challenge — to understand the human being behind the screen. What does he want today? Is he happy or sad? Does he need entertaining or focus reading? How should the editorial calendar be planned? In this time-liquid digital society, contents do not stay fresh for more than 72 hours — acting quick is a must. It has become impossible to administer a community without a professional dedicated only to this discipline.

2015 brings good tidings to marketers. New behavior tracking technologies are entering the market. They use e-mail tagging technology, enabled by cookies, that allow marketers to trace the Internet behavior of specific targets and cross-match similar behaviors to create archetype profiles. This technology will allow marketers to cluster targets by precise interest, maximizing campaign efforts. Social Media campaigns will no longer be planned by guesswork. It will be easier to bring together what we can describe as perfect communities, members grouped by interest, ideals and brand preference with precision. Community interaction will be the rule, not the exception.

This technology represents two sides of the coin — it helps marketers reach the next step in service evolution, precision of content. Meanwhile, service and products offered will be bigger than ever thought possible. However, we do not have enough laws to guarantee privacy integrity, leaving plenty of room to discuss the new silver lining of aggregating value or violating privacy. Privileged information might be used to ostracize minorities; thus increasing inequality. The future is undoubtedly here, but it remains a dark room with many corners to be explored.

Dhouglas Carvalho has been working with digital marketing and online experience design for the past 6 years. Currently living in New York, he is a proud member of the CHR Group. Follow me on Twitter @dhouglasc


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